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Moms, your self-care isn't selfish –– so let us help you ditch the mom guilt!

Join our community of moms today and let us help you improve your physical, nutritional, and mental

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MEET your coach today and join this empowering community of moms.

About Trainerz Fitness




Whether you’re new to a city, motherhood, struggling with mom guilt, or getting back into working out, Trainerz Fitness has your back!


We are your community that offers:

  • support

  • resources

  • qualified personal trainers

  • accountability partners ready to meet you exactly where you are in your fitness journey

Trainerz Fitness is a community fitness app dedicated to helping moms find a qualified personal trainer on demand that is:

  • affordable

  • convenient

  • committed to helping mothers to reach their fitness and wellness goals

Trainerz Fitness is about more than just working out. It is about:

  • building a community of mothers

  • changing mindsets

  • providing a safe space for mothers to prioritize and reach their fitness objectives

  • cultivating a culture of mothers that are unapologetically able to focus on themselves and their health and wellness


Transformative moments often serve as reasons for change. For Shannon, a dedicated mother of twins, that moment arrived approximately 18 months postpartum, when she looked at a picture of herself and scarcely recognized the person staring back. It was a moment of realizing that she wanted to change both her physical appearance as well as her energy levels. This moment of self-reflection and the desire for change became the inspiration for Trainerz Fitness, an endeavor determined to address a void that countless mothers found themselves facing.

Shannon realized that motherhood could often be a solitary path paved by exhaustion and sometimes isolation. Yet she refused to succumb to that feeling, realizing that self-care was a crucial investment that would enhance her capacity to be a better wife and mother.

Pregnancy brought significant physical changes, but Shannon's fitness journey became more than just about appearance; it became a form of therapy for her body and soul. During her second high-risk pregnancy, she had to halt her exercise routine, which took an emotional toll as past traumas resurfaced, causing depression and anxiety. Shannon's journey revealed that her commitment to fitness was a lifeline for her mental health.

Shannon's Story
Testimonies & Reviews



Navigating through motherhood can be stressful. Finding time to workout shouldn’t be. That’s were Trainerz Fitness comes in.

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Shannon at Trainerz Fitness has been such an inspiration on my fitness journey. She has the knowledge and experience to support me in the gym as well as with my nutrition. Shannon has made training sessions fun while pushing me to achieve my fitness goals. 



Trainerz Fitness is a great place to get in shape and Shannon is the best!  No matter what your body type, age, or limitations - she will find what works for you to get the results you want.  She's upbeat, supportive, yet will push you so you'll see the best part of you. 

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I always liked working out, but I hate going to the gym. It felt like a chore and it just didn’t work for me. Trainerz Fitness makes working out simple and let’s me chose where I feel most comfortable to work out.

"Start today, your body will thank you tomorrow."

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